Information on aviation occurrences

I: In accordance with Article 135, para. 1 of the Aviation Law of 3 July 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2006 No. 100, item. 696, as amended). Aviation occurrence reporting shall be conducted by specified entities.

  • The following entities within the national system of compulsory notification, shall be obliged to notify the Commission of the existence of an event involving a break in the action, defect, damage to aircraft or component or other circumstances that would or could affect the safety of the flight:
    1. operator or commander of the aircraft, in particular having a turbine engine or used for public transport;
    2. entrepreneur engaged in the design, manufacture, maintenance or modification of aircraft, in particular with a turbine engine or used for public transport, and to any equipment or part thereof;
    3. the person signing the airworthiness certificate and documents relating to inspections of aircraft, in particular a turbine-powered or designed for public transport, as well as for equipment or part thereof;
    4. providers of air navigation services;
    5. aerodrome management;
    6. entity engaged in the handling of the aircraft;
    7. a person who performs a function connected with the installation, modification, maintenance, repair, overhaul, flight-checking or inspection of air navigation facilities which safety are supervised by the aviation authorities.

II: According to Section 2.3 of the Regulation of Minister of Transport of 18 January 2007 on accidents and incidents (Journal of Laws No. 35, item. 225 of 27 February 2007), "the safety report" shall include the information specified respectively in the form below:

* "Reporting ..." forms are also developed in Excel format to allow you to fill them directly on computers, including selecting the appropriate boxes (Excel), copy and print.

* In addition, in the first area of occurrences reporting (I), items 4 and 5, there were developed 2 versions of Excel files with the posted lists of choice are  in both Polish and English for the more discerning operators / users ...

* The colors used in the forms shall be used only to read and enter data. Printing forms only in black-and-white format is advised.


I: ALL USERS aircraft and aerodrome management (for airplanes, helicopters, gliders, balloons, ultralight floor, hang-gliders, motorized hang glider, paraglider, paragliding from a nap., Parachutes and other):


III: BIRDS RELATED OCCURRENCES (all aircraft users and aerodrome management)

IV: In addition, design organizations, manufacturing, technical services and managing the continuing airworthiness (CAMO) on the basis of Regulation (EC) 1702/2003, 2042/2003 and 216/2008 shall form TORF (Technical Occurrence Report Form).

The form can be sent by fax to: +48 22 630 11 17 or e-mail:




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