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Conducting flights over cities

- Warsaw: Conducting flights only above FL 70 flights or VFR route along the river in accordance with VFR.
- A city with a population of 25 000 to 50 000: helicopters and piston engine aircrafts - limit of less than 500 m above the ground, other aircrafts 1000 m above ground level.

- A city with a population of 50 000 to 100 000: can fly more than 1000 meters above ground level.

- A city with a population of over 100 000: can fly higher than 1500 m above the ground.In exceptional cases, there is a possibility of flight below the specified limit values of ​​altitude. It should then apply to the President of the Civil Aviation Authority with the application for consent for the flight below limits.

The application must specify:

  • proposed route of flight,
  • altitude,
  • type of aircraft,
  • performing flight pilot's name,
  • arrangements held indicating the need for a flight in the area and obtain a permit for exemptions from restrictions

and attach a copy of the AOC or AWC (depending on the purpose of the flight).The date of the decision by the Civil Aviation Authority in accordance with the KPA - depends on the complexity of the case.Legal basis: Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 9 October 2003 on Prohibitions or Restrictions on flights for more than three months (Dz. U. No. 183, item. 1793, as amended. d.)NOTE: The draft of the revised regulation is currently in the arrangements.





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