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14.08.2013 Aktualizacja: 21.08.2013

Actions which could endanger the safety of civil aircraft

Actions which could endanger the safety of civil aircraft such as domestic flights (without crossing the state border) unmanned free balloons, fireworks show, releasing balloons, etc. are held with the permission of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA). An application for execution of the above projects should be submitted in time for which allows the separation of airspace in order to avoid threats to aircraft flight safety. The application shall include in particular: the date of the planned project, the type and technical parameters used for the use of airspace subject (in the case of balloons additionally their registration marks), the exact location of the planned project in the case of balloons - starting and the expected direction of flight, the commitment to the appropriate method of cooperation before and during the project.


Legal basis: Section 2 paragraph. 17 Section 1-4 of the Annex to the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 11 March 2004 on the principles of operation of the air traffic services (Journal of Laws No. 44, item. 415).

Link: www.pansa.pl



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