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Aerodrome Department

Aerodrome Department

Department of Aerodromes (LTL) is a leading unit in CAA which conducts arrangement in area of administration of the establishment and oversight of Polish aerodromes and their surrounding and airfields. Those tasks are obtain by:
1) Inspectorate of Aerodromes Register and Airfields Record (LTL-1) which maintains a register of aerodromes and airfield record in Poland. It is a prime unit in scope of establishing new aerodrome or airfield. If the aerodrome is already operating, LTL-1 will be the unit responsible for granting permissions to make significant changes in the operational and technical characteristics of aerodrome and oversights compliance of aerodrome documentation and its infrastructure.
This Inspectorate coordinates issues related to the obstacle limitation surfaces (in scope of aviation obstacle) and it takes part in issuing opinions on airports masterplans.

2) Division of Cooperation with Public Administration Authorities (LTL-2) which is responsible for agreeing local zoning plans and decisions on land development conditions of local authorities for areas located within the aerodromes obstacle limitation surfaces, issuing opinions on the study of spatial development, regarding areas around the aerodrome including places that may create safety hazards around aerodrome e.g. caused by wildlife presence. LTL-2 is also responsible for issuing opinions and agreeing location of facilities due to the height of buildings, outside the aerodrome area.

3) Inspectorate of Aerodromes (LTL-3) which deals with the certification process and continuing oversight of aerodromes and aerodrome operators according to the EU regulations (among others EASA) and ICAO requirements (for each category of aerodromes: airports, public use aerodromes with limited certification requirements and exclusive use aerodromes). Other fields of activities of LTL-3 are: reviewing and approval of the aerodrome operation manuals and its changes, dealing with aerodrome emergency plans. This unit is the most important in order to sustain optimal safety level of operations at Polish aerodromes and in their surroundings.

4) Division of Aerodromes Analysis and Standards (LTL-4) which deals with issues in scope of implementation of international requirements set by ICAO (among others in Annex 14, PANS ADR and manuals) and EU and EASA rules in to polish regulations. This unit also cares for standardizing procedures that are proceeded in other LTL units.





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