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Aerodrome Department

Department of Aerodromes is a leading unit in CAA which conducts arrangement in area of administration and oversight of the establishment, operations and management of aerodromes and record of airstrips. The main tasks of the  Aerodromes Department include in particular:
1) Implementation of requirements arising from the Annex 14 to the Chicago Convention;
2) Monitoring the implementation and supervision of compliance with the requirements set in Commission Regulation (EU) No 139/2014 of 12 February 2014 laying down requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodromes pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council
3) Managing of register of civil aerodromes and record of airstrips.
4) Conducting issues concerning:
a) promise of permission for the establishment of an aerodrome,
b) permission for the establishment of an aerodrome,
c) permission to make any relevant changes to operational and technical characteristics of an aerodrome,
d) approval of operating instructions of the aerodrome;
5) Reviewing the master plans of the aerodromes;
6) Oversight of ensuring safe operation of the aerodromes;
7) Certification of public use aerodromes;
8) Oversight of aerodromes’ rescue and firefighting systems;
9) Reviewing the localization of the objects due to the height of the buildings on the aerodrome  and out the aerodrome surroundings.

Department of Aerodromes includes:
1) Division of Register of Civil Aerodromes and Record of Airstrips (LTL1) – this unit deals with all issues concerning with establishing of new aerodromes and airfields, permissions and changes in aerodrome documentation and infrastructure, reviewing of master plans.
2) Division of Cooperation with Public Administration Authorities (LTL2) – this division is responsible for arrangements of local urban planning and public investments, issuing opinions on localization of building facilities in surrounding of aerodrome.
3) Inspectorate of Aerodromes Certified According to International Standards (LTL3) – is responsible for conducting the certification process and oversight of aerodromes according to international standards.
4) Inspectorate of the Limited Certification and Own Use Aerodromes (LTL-4) - is responsible for oversight of limited certification and exclusive use aerodromes
5) Position for Legal Service (LTL5) - is responsible for overall issues related to legal matters concerning aerodromes.
6) Division of Aerodromes Infrastructure Analysis and Standards (LTL6) – this unit deals with issues concerning development and update of ICAO Annex 14 and ICAO manuals, European regulation in scope of aerodromes e.g. 139/2014/EU, preparation of guidelines, instructions on technical issues refers to application of regulations within the scope of aerodromes..





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