Title Modified Date
“Don’t fly into trouble” – a campaign you have to see before you go on vacation 28.06.2019
The introduction of year-round coordination at Kraków Airport and the initiation of the procedure for appointing the coordinator 20.09.2019
Founding meeting of the Kraków Airport Coordination Committee 20.09.2019
Analysis of Passenger Traffic at Polish Airports in the First Quarter of 2016 30.06.2016
Information on the Conditions of Performance of Flight Operations from and to Great Britain in the Case of Hard Brexit 20.05.2019
Visit of the EASA Executive Director and Chairman of the EASA Management Board visited Poland 09.03.2016
Modification of Complaints Consideration Procedure 20.05.2019
Airport Olsztyn - Mazury has been opened 09.03.2016
Conference on the safe use of drones in civil airspace 09.03.2016
Training for UAVO 20.05.2019

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