Title Modified Date
European Aviation Safety Agency Management Board (EASA MB) Meeting 27.02.2015
The number of valid licences and certificates of qualification issued by the CAA (infographics) 23.12.2014
Polish student took part in the Model Session of ICAO Council within the joint project of CAA and ICAO 18.12.2014
Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Convention on International Civil Aviation in Chicago 18.12.2014
President of the CAA Piotr Ołowski nominated a Vice Chairman of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Management Board 18.12.2014
The second meeting of the Central European Rotation Group under the chairmanship of Poland 28.11.2014
EASA Safety Conference in Rome 25.11.2014
International Conference on Air Law to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Warsaw Convention 28.11.2014
Conference on Civil Aviation Safety - how to fly consciously and responsibly 28.11.2014
Council Phase of the 203rd Session of the ICAO Council and the Polish National Day in ICAO 27.11.2014

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