19.08.2013 Aktualizacja: 21.08.2013

Lanterns, Balloons

In view of the increasing number of incidents involving lanterns, balloons, fireworks, laser lights, etc. without the prior consent of an air traffic service provider, we kindly inform that the above issue is governed by Art. 87a of the Aviation Law.

According to the above it is prohibited to issue or cause emissions, in airspace areas used for air navigation by laser or other light sources in the direction of the aircraft in a manner likely to cause glare or blinding glare occurrence and to create a safety hazard to the aircraft or the life or health of the crew or passengers on board.

It should be noted that the air traffic service provider may approve the use of laser or other light sources in the areas referred to above, if such use will not jeopardize the safety of the aircraft and the lives and health of the crew and passengers on board.

The consent referred to above, is issued after request made within 14 days prior to the use of laser or other light sources.

Applications together with the example filled application can be found at:


Also please remember that, in accordance with Art. 211 Paragraph 12 of the Aviation Law ignoring these rules is punishable by a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to one year.

This responsibility lies with the organizer of the person who commits the events described above.



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