Application forms

Title Modified Date
26/LPL1 - Exchange of the licence issued for pilot's flying in the state aviation 13.07.2016
25/LPL1 - Test pilot rating (H) 13.07.2016
24/LPL1 - Test pilot rating (A) 13.07.2016
23/LPL1 - Application for TRI SPHPCA 13.07.2016
22/LPL1 - Exchange from PL(FB) to BPL 13.07.2016
21/LPL1 - Exchange from PL(G) to SPL 13.07.2016
20/LPL1 - Issaunce of the Part-FCL licence on the basis of ICAO licence issued in the third country 13.07.2016
19/LPL1 - Issuance of the Part-FCL licence on the basis of the national licence 13.07.2016
18/LPL1 - Issuance of the PART-FCL licence on the basis of JAR-FCL licence 13.07.2016
17/LPL1 - Application form for reissuance of the licence for the administrative purposes 25.05.2018

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