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Practical exams

An application for a practical exam involves:

1 Licences: ATPL, ATCL, S-ATCL, FDL and licenses issued by third countries
2 Certificates of competency: AFISC, FISC
3 Ratings for licenses and certificates of competence referred to in point. 1 and 2

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List of practical examiners

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The procedure for the appointment of a practical examiner
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Application forms appointing the practical examiners:


  • Application for appointing the theoretical - practical examiner

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  • Application for appointing the examiner in the construction and maintenance of aircraft


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  • Personal data of the practical examiner


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  • Copies of licenses and ratings
  • A copy of the aero - medical test
  • Opinion of the employer / aviation organization
  • Copies of other documents, which, according to the Applicant may have an impact on the decision to appoint



"Handbook of practical examiner: Airplanes and helicopters"

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Report on the practical exams
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The bill for the civil-law agreement
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Declaration of costs incurred
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List of the practical examiners
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