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Sale of air carriage

Permission for selling air carriage

It authorises the air carriers from third countries to sell air carriage in the territory of Poland.

Required application: docxsales_right_application.docx103.38 KB

Required documents:
1. The certificate of entry or a statement of entry in the court register of the air carrier’s branch in the territory of Poland;
2. The certificate or a statement of assigning the tax identification number (NIP) to the branch;
3. Documents indicating the entity representing the air carrier in Poland, including:
− name and address (in the case of a natural person),
− name, registered office and address and status – in the case of a legal person or a commercial company without legal personality.


Additional information:

The original of the application shall be submitted at the CAA headquarters or sent to the CAA’s postal address.
The statements shall be made under pain of criminal liability for giving false testimony. Statements shall include the following clause: "I am aware of criminal liability for submitting a false statement."

The aviation fee in the case of permission for selling the air carriage amounts to PLN 7 235.
The given information is non-binding and has been prepared for reference only. The respective provisions of law apply.
In individual cases the President of CAA may ask for additional information and documents.

The aviation fee may be paid:
a. in cash at the cash desk of the Civil Aviation Authority of Poland; the cash desk is open from Monday till Friday, 11:00 – 15:00 o’clock; or
b. via bank transfer to the bank account of the Civil Aviation Authority:

Urzad Lotnictwa Cywilnego
ul. Marcina Flisa 2
02-247 Warszawa
NBP O/O Warszawa
31 1010 1010 0022 9322 3100 0000
transfer title: „Tab.1, 1.2 zezwolenie na sprzedaz przewozow”

Legal basis:

− Act of 14 June 1960 - Code of Administrative Procedure (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 256 as amended) (in Polish) –


− Act of 3 July 2002 – Aviation Law (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1580, as amended) (in Polish) –



Contact information:
Traffic Rights Division
Civil Aviation Authority of Poland
tel.: +48 22 520 73 09; +48 22 520 73 91; +48 22 520 73 20
fax: +48 22 520 73 53

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