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Airport charges

The standard airport charges in Poland - as on 01/06/2016

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Exemptions from airport charges

The airport charges are not collected from the entity performing the public interest tasks of a flight at the airports for public use:

1 in order to prevent the effects of natural disasters or remove them to save human life or health, unless the flight is carried out in the ordinary course of business:

a. the status of a flight:

i HOSP (flight of the aircraft performed to assist the medical after request from the medical service), or

ii. SAR (flight aircraft performing a search and rescue action), or

iii. HUM (flight of the aircraft involved in humanitarian action), or

b. an appropriate remark on the flight plan;

2 in the case of border protection, security or public order - confirmed:

a. the status of a flight:

i STATE (flight state and civil aircraft on missions of military, police, customs and Border Guard), or

ii. GARDA (password, to which the aircraft performs tasks related to general security, public order and the protection of the borders), or

b. an appropriate remark on the flight plan;

3 exclusively for the transport, on official mission, of a reigning Monarch and his close family, Heads of State, President of the Parliament or a chamber, Head of Government or a person occupying an equal position:

a. HEAD status of a flight (flight Polish aircraft assigned by the Chief Government Security Office), or

b. an appropriate remark on the flight plan.

Information concerning the exemption from airport charges shall be included in the tariff of airport charges



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