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Allocation of limited air traffic rights (EEA & Swiss air carriers)

Procedure for the allocation of limited air traffic rights

The procedure for the allocation of limited air traffic rights is carried out in order to select the air carriers to be granted Authorisations for air carriage when the international agreement stipulates restrictions on the number of frequencies or on the number of air carriers that are entitled to operate the flights.

The President of CAA allocates the air traffic rights with respect to the principles of transparency and non-discrimination and taking into account the following criteria:

- ensuring the sustainable development of air transport, tourism and trade in the European Union, including the operation of year-round flights;

- the financial and operational capacity of the air carrier to operate the flights covered by the application;

- providing the most advantageous offer to consumers, taking into account:

a) the number of flight operations per week on a given route, taking into account the need to promote competition among air carriers,

b) a competitive level of charges for the air carriage and the related services,

c) the manner of distribution of the transport documents;

- ensuring high standards of safety and environmental protection, including the operation of flights with aircraft listed in the air operator certificate of the applying air carrier;

- the history of operating flights on the requested routes or areas, taking into account the amount of expenditure previously incurred for the development of air services to the given country, if incurred.

Additional information:
The notice on the receipt of application to grant the Authorisation that initiates the procedure is published by the President of CAA in the Public Information Bulletin.

Air carriers interested in receiving the Authorisation under the procedure shall submit their applications within 30 days from the date of publishing the notice.

Consideration of the application for Authorisation to operate flights on specific routes or areas is subject to the aviation fee of PLN 2328.

The given information is non-binding and has been prepared for reference only. The respective provisions of law apply.
Under the procedure for the allocation of limited air traffic rights, the President of CAA may ask for additional information or documents.

The aviation fee may be paid:
a. in cash at the cash desk of the Civil Aviation Authority of Poland; the cash desk is open from Monday till Friday, 11:00 – 15:00 o’clock; or
b. via bank transfer to the bank account of the Civil Aviation Authority:

Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego
ul. Marcina Flisa 2
02-247 Warszawa
NBP O/O Warszawa
31 1010 1010 0022 9322 3100 0000
transfer title: „Tab.1, 1.2 upowaznienie”

Legal basis:
− Act of 14 June 1960 – Code of Administrative Procedure (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 2096, as amended) (in Polish) –

− Act of 3 July 2002 – Aviation Law (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1183, as amended) (in Polish) –

- Regulation of the Minister for Infrastructure of 28 September 2020 on the competitive procedure for the allocation of limited traffic rights -https://tiny.pl/rpzmp 

Contact information:
Traffic Rights Division
Civil Aviation Authority of Poland
tel.: +48 22 520 73 09; +48 22 520 73 91; +48 22 520 73 20
fax: +48 22 520 73 53



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