29.04.2020 Aktualizacja: 29.04.2020

Customer service - important information

Dear Sir and Madam,

please be kindly informed that the Customer Service Point and the Post Room of the Civil Aviation Authority will resume their work on 4th May (with the exception of Monday's duty).

In order to ensure the safety of our clients, the CSP and Office staff, we would like to inform you that one person at a time will be served at the Customer Service Point. In order to speed up the service process, we ask you to prepare a set of documents in advance (together with the necessary copies of e.g. a logbook, ID card, etc.).

Please be advised that couriers and representatives of Poczta Polska can enter the Customer Service Point without waiting in a queue to leave the postal delivery.

Please wear the protective masks and ensure a proper distance while staying in Customer Service Point. The hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance.

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