12.05.2020 Aktualizacja: 12.05.2020

Air traffic Ban Prolonged till May, 23

In the Official Journal of the Republic of Poland, item 826 a Regulation of the Council of Ministers of May 8, 2020 on air traffic bans has been published. The Regulation prolongs the air traffic ban in Poland till May 23, 2020.


The ban refers to civil aircraft performing flights with passengers landing on airports entered into the civil aerodromes register and on airfields entered into the airfields list of the Republic of Poland, except for:

- cargo flights;
- flights without cargo and without passengers;
- flights with the HOSP, HUM, STATE, HEAD status and other flights performed in order to save people’s life or health (e.g. with the RESCUE parole);
- flights performed in order to protect the public order (e.g. with the GUARD parole);
- flights to the Republic of Poland performed by aircraft chartered at the order of tour operators or an entity acting at their order before March 15, 2020;
- flights performed at the order of the Prime Minister or of a natural or legal person by aircraft with up to 15 seats.

Moreover, the ban does not cover charter flights performed by foreign air carriers at the order of foreign states in order to repatriate their citizens or aircraft in distress.

Till May 23, 2020 national commercial flights with passengers are also banned, except for:

- flights performed in the public or state interest; and
- flights performed with aircraft with up to 15 passenger seats landing in order to take or leave passengers.


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