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Regulation on Limitations in Air Traffic - IMPORTANT

On April 25, 2022 a Regulation of the Council of Ministers on the introduction of air traffic limitations was published.


From May 1, 2022 the continuity of air navigation services will be disturbed in the controlled Warsaw TMA covering the Chopin Airport in Warsaw and the Warsaw/Modlin Airport. The Regulation is to ensure air traffic safety while guaranteeing the best possible access to regular flights.

From May 1, 2022 flight operations in the controlled Warsaw TMA, covering the Warsaw Chopin Airport and the Warsaw/Modlin Airport may be performed from 9.30 to 17.00, local time. An aircraft whose take off is planned on the same day has to arrive no later than at 15.45, local time.

In order to ensure the biggest possible accessibility to regular air operations in the Warsaw TMA, the following flight operations have priority according to the Regulation:

1) London - Heathrow (EGLL);
2) London - Luton (EGGW);
3) London - Stansted (EGSS);
4) Frankfurt (EDDF);
5) New York (KJFK);
6) Chicago (KORD);
7) Paris (LFPG);
8) Brussels (EBBR);
9) Istanbul (LTFM);
10) Rome (LIRF);
11) Amsterdam (EHAM);
12) Toronto (CYYZ);
13) Dubai (OMDB);
14) Incheon (RKSI);
15) Munich (EDDM);
16) Rzeszów (EPRZ);
17) Vienna (LOWW);
18) Tel Aviv (LLBG);
19) Oslo (ENGM);
20) Zurich (LSZH);
21) Dublin (EIDW);
22) Copenhagen (EKCH);
23) Budapest (LHBP);
24) Vilnius (EYVI);
25) Prague (LKPR);
26) Bucharest (LROP);
27) Düsseldorf (EDDL);
28) Barcelona (LEBL);
29) Lisbon (LPPT);
30) Tbilisi (UGTB);
31) Berlin (EDDB);
32) Szczecin-Goleniów (EPSC).

On the enumerated routes the air carrier which transported the largest number of passengers on the given route in 2019 – 2021 is allowed to perform the starting or landing operations only once a day.

Additional flights to the Warsaw and Modlin airports can be performed on other routes under the condition that the air navigation services are provided and that the declared Warsaw TMA capacity is not exceeded.

As during the planned working hours of the airports (from 9.30 to 17.00) up to 24 operations (starting and landing) can be performed during an hour, up to 180 flight operations can be performed daily.

After the flight operations number on routes defined in the Regulation has been used up, up to 116 slots for starting or landing should still be available.

Taking into account the principle of proportionality and non-discrimination as well as the previous ratio of flight operations performed in Modlin to flight operations performed in the Warsaw TMA in 2019 – 2021, the airport will have a possibility to use 10 per cent of the available pool of operations. This means that from the Modlin airport up to 12 starting and landing operations can be performed daily.

In the case of the Chopin airport in Warsaw, after all priority slots defined in the Regulation have been used up, it should be possible to perform up to 104 flight operations daily. The slots for these operations shall be allocated by an independent coordinator at the Chopin Airport in Warsaw who is going to act on the basis of the EU Regulation 95/93. The coordinator is an organ independent from the airport manager, the air carriers, the state authorities and the air navigation services. At present the coordinator of the Chopin Airport in Warsaw is Airport Coordination Limited.

The information on air carriers flying on the priority routes has been published in the Official Journal and the Civil Aviation Authority’s Public Information Bulletin.
The Regulation enters into force on May 1, 2022 and is binding till May 31, 2022.

If you have questions regarding the flights planned between May 1, 2022 and May 31, 2022, please contact the air carrier directly.


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