16.08.2013 Aktualizacja: 08.08.2019

Making a complaint

The existing procedure of considering passengers’ complaints in the mode of administrative, proceedings conducted by the Commission on Passengers’ Rights, protection apply to all applications submitted in the Civil Aviation Authority by the end of March 2019.

On April 1, 2019 the amended Act Aviation Law enter into force which creates the possibility of resolving disputes with passengers arising from Regulations: 261/2004/EC and 2111/2005/EC in an amicable way. The Passengers' Rights Ombudsman considers passengers’ complaints in the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) mode, i.e. out-of-court consumer dispute resolution.

More detailed information related to the amicable methods of dispute resolutions can be found on the website of The Passengers’ Rights Ombudsman at the President of the Civil Aviation Authority https://pasazerlotniczy.ulc.gov.pl/?lang=en



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