Biuletyny Informacyjne Bezpieczeństwa SIB-operacje


Safety Information Bulletin

  • każdy Operator jest zobowiązany do analizowania i podejmowania działań, które uzna za właściwe w celu minimalizowania zagrożeń wskazanych w Biuletynach Informacji Bezpieczeństwa publikowanych przez EASA ( oraz na stronie internetowej ULC (  
  • działania podejmowane przez Operatorów powinny zostać udokumentowane w szczególności w rejestrze ocenianych ryzyk
  • w celu weryfikacji podjętych przez Operatora działań w ramach realizacji SIB Organ nadzoru może wezwać Operatora do przedłożenia dowodów podjętych działań i ich wyników
  • kontrole prowadzone w ramach programu ciągłego nadzoru obejmują również ocenę sposobu postępowania Operatorów z SIB w świetle zapisów OM, a w szczególności weryfikacji dowodów na przeprowadzenie działań zalecanych w SIB i ich analizy

Biuletyny Operacyjne wydawane przez Operatorów

  • każdy Operator wydający Biuletyny Operacyjne powinien zawiadomić Organ nadzoru o ich publikacji poprzez przesłanie do Departamentu Operacyjno-Lotniczego oraz na adres
Tytuł Poprawiono
EASA_SIB_SAIB_2023-04 Propeller Assembly 22.03.2023
EASA_SIB_2023-04 Exhaust System Modification 22.03.2023
EASA_SIB_SAIB_2023-02 Landing Gear System 13.03.2023
EASA_SIB_2023-03 Incorrect Barometric Altimeter Setting 13.03.2023
EASA_SIB_SAIB_2023-01 Main Rotor Blades 03.03.2023
Rotary Switches Pull-to-Turn Feature inspection 03.03.2023
EASA_SIB_2022-02R1 20.02.2023
EASA_SIB_2023-02 Broken Aileron Cable and Non-reversible Filtering of Control Position Data for Flight Data Recording 07.02.2023
EASA_SIB_2022-10R1 Durbal Metallwarenfabrik and Meadler Push Rod Ends Production Deficiency 07.02.2023
EASA_SIB_2023-01 31.01.2023
EASA_SIB_2013-04R2 31.01.2023
EASA_SIB_2022-12 Loss of Air Traffic Control Tracking on Boeing 787 Aeroplanes in European Airspace 11.01.2023
EASA_SIB_2022-11 SAE Type II, III and IV Aircraft Anti-Icing Fluid Application 11.01.2023
EASA SIB CASA-2022-05 19.12.2022
EASA SIB CE-19-01R1 - Engine Oil and Airplane Hour Meter; Pressure Switch Failure 19.12.2022
EASA SIB 2022-10 - DURBAL Metallwarenfabrik and Maedler Pushrod Ends Production Deficiency 19.12.2022
EMERGENCY FLOTATION SECTION, Pop-Out Float Underinflation 28.11.2022
EASA_SIB_2022-09 Re‐entry into Earth’s Atmosphere of Space Debris of Rocket Long March 5B (CZ‐5B). 04.11.2022
EASA_SIB_SAIB-2022-20 Wing Lower Spar Cap Bolt Holes. 20.10.2022
EASA_SIB_2022-08 Mitigation of Flight Deck Fires Originating from Lithium Batteries that are not Part of the Aircraft Design 13.10.2022
EASA SIB NE-06-31R6 Engine Lubricating Oils 29.09.2022
EASA_SIB_2019-10R1 Power Turbine Over-Speed Protection on ARRIEL 2D and ARRIEL 2B1 Engines 26.09.2022
EASA SIB SAFO22002 Boeing’s Onboard Performance Tool (OPT) v4.70 for iOS Devices 22.08.2022
EASA_SIB_2022_06 Risks Emerging During Ramp-up of Aviation Activities 29.07.2022
EASA_SIB_2022_07 Re-Entry into Earth’s Atmosphere of Space Debris of Rocket Long March 5B (CZ-5B) 29.07.2022
EASA SIB 2022-05 [Correction] Rotorcraft Flight Manual Update related to Servo Control Transparency 01.07.2022
EASA_SIB_SAFO22001 Recommended Procedures for Operators of Boeing DC-9/MD-80 Series and B717 Model Airplanes When Wind/Ground Gusts Meet or Exceed Criteria Specified in the Applicable Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM). 27.06.2022
Rotorcraft Flight Manual Update related to Servo Control Transparency. 24.06.2022
EASA SIB AIR-22-15 Bonded Structure Inspection 21.06.2022
EASA_SIB_AIR-22-06R1 Equipment/Furnishings 01.06.2022
EASA SIB - 2022-04 High Pressure Compressor Abradable Liner Loss 25.05.2022
EASA_SIB_AIR-22-09R1 AUTOPILOT FLIGHT DIRECTOR SYSTEM: ALT HOLD Engaged on Takeoff on Boeing Model 777/787 common fleets. 23.05.2022
EASA_SIB_2013-04R1 Hook and Loop Style Fasteners as Mounting Mechanism for an Emergency Locator Transmitter. 18.05.2022
EASA_SIB_AIR-22-10 Engine Cowling System, Quarter-Turn Fastener Maintenance Information 10.05.2022
EASA_SIB_AIR-22-07 Avidyne Corporation DFC90 Autopilot System 12.04.2022
EASA_SIB_2021-05R1 Fuel Shut-off Lever Modification 08.04.2022
EASA_SIB_AIR-22-06 SAFRAN Aerosystems - Rupture Disc Assembly 07.04.2022
EASA_SIB_2022-03 Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of aircraft surfaces - Operational Recommendations 06.04.2022
EASA_SIB_2022-02 Global Navigation Satellite System Outage Leading to Navigation / Surveillance Degradation 17.03.2022
EASA_SIB_AIR-22-03 Robinson Helicopter Company Model R22, R44, and R66 Helicopters; Emergency Locator Transmitter Retention. 09.03.2022
Aeroplanes with Cable-driven Flight Controls – Frayed Flap Extend Cables. 02.02.2022
Innaccurate Airborne Status Transmitted By Transponders And Its Efect On Runway Monitoring And Conflict Alert System 26.01.2022
EASA_SIB_CE-13-27R1 TE FLAP CONTROL SYSTEM, Flight Controls – Frayed Flap Extend Cables. 10.01.2022
EASA_SIB_2021-16 Operations to aerodromes located in United States with potential risk of interference from 5G ground stations (as published through aerodrome NOTAMs) 21.12.2021
EASA_SIB_AIR-21-20 TE FLAP CONTROL SYSTEM, Flight Controls–Flap Cable Tension 21.12.2021
EASA_SIB_SAFO21006 Boeing Model 757 and 767 Airplane Inadvertent Pilot Activation of Go-Around Mode. 28.10.2021
EASA_SIB_2020-01R1 Carbon Monoxide Risk in Small Aeroplanes and Helicopters. 19.10.2021
EASA_SIB_AIR-21-15R1 Navigation System. 13.10.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-15 Origination and Issuance of SNOWTAM for Promulgating Information on Runway Surface Conditions – Global Reporting Format. 27.09.2021
EASA_SIB_2016-02R1 Use of Erroneous Parameters at Take-off. 08.09.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-12R1 Use of Aeronautical Terminal Information Service by Air Traffic Services Units to Promulgate Information on Runway Surface Conditions – Global Reporting Format. 03.09.2021
EASA_SIB_2017-10R1 En-route Wake Turbulence Encounters 02.09.2021
EASA_SIB_AIR-21-14 Robinson R44 and R66 HeliSAS Autopilot/Garmin Primary Flight Display (PFD) Interface 02.09.2021
EASA_SIB_AIR-21-16 FLIGHT COMPARTMENT EQUIPMENT, Cessna Seat Back Attachment Bolt Inspection. 30.08.2021
EASA_SIB_AIR-21-12 Thrust Reversers 25.08.2021
EASA_SIB_SAFO21003 Inspection of Lavatory Fire Extinguishing Bottles on Aircraft Parked or Stored for a Prolonged Period of Time in a High-Temperature Environment. 29.07.2021
EASA_SIB_SAFO21004 Air Traffic Control (ATC) Notification and Pilot Awareness When Conducting an Instrument Landing System (ILS) Autoland Procedure. 28.07.2021
EASA_SIB_2020-14R1 Contamination of Air Data Systems During Aircraft Parking and / or Storage due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 26.07.2021
EASA_SIB_AIR-21-10 20.07.2021
EASA_SIB_CASA-2021-10 30.06.2021
EASA SIB 2021-14 Hand-operated Fire Extinguishers – Removal from Service 01.07.2021
EASA SIB 2021-13 Drive Train Failure 30.06.2021
EASA SIB 2021-12 23.06.2021
EASA SIB CASA-2021-09 23.06.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-03R1 Loss of Air Traffic Control Tracking on Boeing 787 Aeroplanes in European Airspace 23.06.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-11 Content of Aeronautical Information Publication – Assessment and Reporting of Runway Surface Conditions (GRF). 27.05.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-10 Operations in Belarus Airspace. 26.05.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-09 11.05.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-08R1 11.05.2021
EASA_SIB_2012-10R1 Single Event Effects on Aircraft Systems caused by Atmospheric Radiation 29.04.2021
EASA SIB 2012-09R1 Effects of Space Weather on Aviation 29.04.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-07 19.04.2021
EASA_SIB_CASA-2021-06 16.04.2021
EASA_SIB_AIR-21-07 14.04.2021
EASA_SIB_AIR-21-05R1 14.04.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-06 14.04.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-05 14.04.2021
EASA_SIB_2018-04R2 14.04.2021
EASA_SIB_BEA-2021-01R01 14.04.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-03 14.04.2021
EASA_SIB_AIR-21-03 14.04.2021
EASA_SIB_2020-07R2 14.04.2021
EASA_SIB_BEA-2021-01 27.01.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-01 27.01.2021
EASA_SIB_2021-02 27.01.2021
EASA_SIB_SAFO-21001 14.01.2021
EASA SIB AIR-21-01 11.01.2021
EASA SIB SAFO20016 - Saircorp / Flight Boss Ltd. (Saircorp) Consoles 11.01.2021
EASA_SIB_CASA-2020-13 30.12.2020
EASA_SIB_AIR-20-19 11.12.2020
EASA_SIB_2020-20 01.12.2020
EASA_SIB_2020-19 01.12.2020
EASA SIB AIR-20-18 24.11.2020
EASA SIB AIR 20-15 13.11.2020
EASA SIB-2018-10R1 Super Absorbent Polymers Contamination of Jet Fuel 29.10.2020
EASA SIB CASA 2020-10 21.10.2020
EASA SIB CASA 2020-09 15.10.2020
SIB No.: 2020-18 Nickel-Cadmium Batteries - Risk of Capacity Reduction during Aircraft Parking and Storage 15.10.2020
EASA SIB 2020-17 Safety Precautions regarding the Transport by Air of Damaged, Defective or Recalled Lithium Batteries 29.09.2020
EASA SIB CASA-2020-08 29.09.2020
EASA SIB 2017-01R1 Higher Code Letter Operations 29.09.2020
EASA SIB HQ-18-09R1 Aircraft Structure - Alodine Coating 02.09.2020
CASA 2020-07 31.08.2020
2015-16R3 - Simferopol Flight Information Region 31.08.2020
EASA SIB 2020-16 Emergency Egress Difficulty 25.08.2020
EASA SIB 2020-15 Notification of Unapproved Parts 06.08.2020
EASA SIB 2020-14 Pitot-Static Issues After Storage due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 06.08.2020
EASA SIB SAFO-20013 31.07.2020
EASA SIB 2020-13 Provision of Groundhandling Services at Aerodromes 29.07.2020
EASA SIB 2020-07R1 Preparation of Aerodromes to Resume Operations 22.07.2020
Operations in Oceanic Airspace during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 06.07.2020
EASA_SIB_2020-02R5 - Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic — Operational recommendations 01.07.2020
SIB No.: 2020-12 -NOTAM Format on COVID-19 Measures 01.07.2020
EASA SIB 2020-11 Helicopter Rescue Hoist Cable Failure 26.06.2020
EASA SIB NM-20-11 Autopilot System 17.06.2020
EASA_SIB_AIR-20-10 - Alternative Methods of Compliance and FAQ 03.06.2020
EASA SIB 2020-09 Defective Seat Belt Attachment Rivet Assembly 01.06.2020
EASA SIB 2020-10 Defective Warning Lights Panel 01.06.2020
EASA SIB CE-20-09 Nacelle/Pylon, Frame/Spar/Rib 19.05.2020
EASA_SIB_CE-20-10 - Air Distribution System: Loss of Cabin Pressure 12.05.2020
EASA SIB SAFO 20007 11.05.2020
EASA SIB 2020-08 DECOMATIC Titanium Bolts 11.05.2020
EASA SIB 2020-08 DECOMATIC Titanium Bolts 05.05.2020
EASA SIB 2020-07 Preparation of Aerodromes to Resume Operations 05.05.2020
EASA SIB NE-20-11 568F Propeller Blades – Inspection Under the Compression Wrap 05.05.2020
EASA SIB NE-20-05 Powerplant - Engine Camshaft Gear Tooth Fracture 21.04.2020
EASA SIB SAFO 20006 Vacuum-Type Fall-Arrest Protection systems and paint Peeling Issues on Boeing model 787 Airplanes 21.04.2020
EASA SIB NM-20-06 Electrical Power System: Lug Terminal Tracks 21.04.2020
EASA SIB BEA-2020-02 Operation in weather conditions with high concentration of ice crystal 21.04.2020
EASA SIB NM-20-07 Navigation - Glideslope System 21.04.2020
EASA SIB 2020-02R4 Coronavirus 'SARS-CoV-2' Infections- Operational Recommendations 21.04.2020
EASA SIB: 2020-02R3 Coronavirus ‘SARS-CoV-2’ Infections – Operational Recommendations 07.04.2020
EASA SIB 2020-06 - Use of DuPont Kathon™ FP 1.5 Biocide 24.03.2020
EASA SIB 2020-05 - Aircraft Maintenance Programme under Part-ML 24.03.2020
EASA SIB 2020-04 - Lithium Batteries used in Emergency Locator Transmitters 24.03.2020
EASA SIB NM 20-02 13.03.2020
EASA SIB SW-20-01 12.03.2020
EASA SIB 2020 2R2 Coronavirus ‘SARS-CoV-2’ Infections – Operational Recommendations 02.03.2020
EASA SIB 2020 2R1 Coronovirus '2019-nCoV' Infections- Operational Recommendations 26.02.2020
EASA_SIB_2020-03 Data Link Exemptions and Flight Plans 04.02.2020
EASA_SIB_2013-11R1 21.01.2020
EASA_SIB_16R1 Hand-operated Fire Extinguishers – Removal from Service 23.12.2019
EASA_SIB_16R1 Hand-operated Fire Extinguishers – Removal from Service 23.12.2019
EASA_SIB_CE-19-21 23.12.2019
EASA_SIB_CE-19-20 - Flight Compartment Windows 11.12.2019
EASA_SIB_CE-19-19 - Navigation: Transponder System 11.12.2019
EASA_SIB_NE-19-16 10.12.2019
EASA_SIB_2019-18 Fan blades – Life Limitation 09.12.2019
EASA_SIB_2019-17 Possible Improper Maintenance by Xtra Aerospace, LLC 09.12.2019
EASA_SIB_2019-16 Hand-operated Fire Extinguishers – Removal from Service 02.12.2019
EASA_SIB_2019-15 Flight Recorders on Small Rotorcraft 20.11.2019
EASA_SIB_2019-14R1 - Aircraft Fuel System Ice Inhibitors 14.11.2019
EASA_SIB_CASA_2019_06 12.11.2019
EASA_SIB_2019_14 - Aircraft Fuel System Ice Inhibitors 14.10.2019
EASA_SIB_2019_13 - Controller Pilot Data Link Communications over Very High Frequency Data Link Mode 2 – Airborne Multi-Frequency Capability 14.10.2019
EASA_SIB_CE_19_09 - Wing Miscellaneous Structure 14.10.2019
EASA SIB 2019-12 24.09.2019
EASA SIB CASA 2019 09-R1 11.09.2019
EASA SIB CASA 2019 05-02 10.09.2019
EASA SIB CASA 2019-05 09.09.2019
EASA SIB 2019-11 29.08.2019
EASA SIB 2019-10 26.08.2019
EASA SIB CASA-2019-04 30.07.2019
EASA SIB CE-19-14 04.07.2019
EASA SIB CE-19-10 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-09 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-08 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2017-18R1 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-07 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-06 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-05 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-04 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-03 18.06.2019
EASA SIB NE-19-02 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-01R1 18.06.2019
EASA SIB CE-19-01 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-02 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2019-01 18.06.2019
EASA SIB CASA-2018-11 18.06.2019
EASA SIB CASA-2018-10 18.06.2019
SUBJ: Engine Fuel and Control, SAIB: NM-18-33 18.06.2019
SIB No.: 2018-20 18.06.2019
EASA SIB 2018-18R1 18.06.2019
EASA SIB nr 2018-17R1 -Liquid Penetrant Inspection/ Use of Visible Dye Penetrant 13.11.2018
EASA SIB nr 2017-13R1 Suspected Unapproved Parts 24.10.2018
EASA SIB 2018-19 FlySmart + Applications for iPad - Change of runway Entry Not Taken Into Account in Take-Off Computation 18.10.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-18 - Use of Restraint Systems and Pilot Back Protection during Parachute Operations 01.10.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-18 14.09.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-17 14.09.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-16 - Use of Restraint Systems in Helicopter Operations 10.09.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-15 - Use of Water Surfaces as Helicopter Safe Forced Landing Areas 10.09.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-14 - Use of Quarter-Turn Ball Valves on Liquid Gas Cylinders in Balloon Operations 07.09.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-13 - Airbus Helicopters with Single Hydraulic Power System-Hydraulic Emergency Procedure and Hydraulic Failure Training 07.09.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-18R1 - Dynamic Rollout during Hoisting and/or External Sling Load Operations 07.09.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-12 - Post de-icing/anti-icing checks 07.09.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-11 - Engine Fire Extinguishing -Wire Chafing in Pylon 07.09.2018
EASA SIB nr 2018-10 -Super Absorbant Polymers (SAP) Contamination of Jet Fuel 07.09.2018
EASA SIB In: Flight Fuel Management — Phraseology for Fuel-Related Messages between Pilots and Air Traffic Control 10.08.2018
SIB 2018-07 – Blood Alcohol Concentration Limits for General Aviation Pilots 17.04.2018
SIB 2018-06 – Incorrect Airport Surface Approaches and Landings 19.03.2018
SIB 2018-03 – Carriage and use of Automatic External Defibrillators 28.02.2018
SIB 2017-04R1 – Safety Precautions Regarding the Transport by Air of Portable Electronic Devices containing Lithium Batteries carried by Passengers 17.01.2018
SIB 2017-19 – Pilot and Co-Pilot Seat Secondary Stop – Modification 16.01.2018
SIB 2017-15 – Carriage of Passengers on Helicopters 17.11.2017
SIB 2017-14 – Terrain Awareness Warning Systems 26.09.2017
SIB 2017-11 – Global Aircraft De-icing Standards. 24.07.2017
SIB 2017-10 – En-route Wake Turbulence Encounters 13.07.2017
SIB 2014-33R1 – Airborne Collision Avoidance System II – Spurious Resolution Advisories 10.07.2017
SIB 2017-04 – Safety Precautions Regarding the Transport by air by passengers of Portable Electronic Devices containing Lithium Batteries 07.04.2017
SIB 2017-03 – Helicopter Stabilised Hover Checks Before Departure 15.03.2017
SIB 2017-01 – Środki ostrożności w odniesieniu do transportu drogą powietrzną uszkodzonych, wadliwych lub wycofanych baterii litowych 09.02.2017
2016-18 - Dynamic Rollout during Hoisting and/or External Sling Load Operations 02.12.2016
2016-14R1 - Środki ostrożności w odniesieniu do transportu drogą powietrzną uszkodzonych, wadliwych lub wycofanych baterii litowych - WYCOFANY 13.10.2016
2016-14 - Safety precautions regarding the transport by air of damaged, defective or recalled lithium batteries - WYCOFANY 26.09.2016

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