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You are in the EP P26 FRONTEX zone.

In this zone you can only fly a drone with the permission of the manager, i.e. Frontex, under the conditions specified by him. In order to obtain permission to fly the drone, contact the manager by phone at: +48 22 205 95 00 or by e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.

If you are the owner of a drone with a weight not exceeding 600g and you will only fly within visual line of sight operation (VLOS) move 500 m away from the area of the facility protected by the EP P26 FRONTEX zone (i.e. the FRONTEX - Warsaw Spire). At this distance you can fly up to a maximum height of 30 m or up to the height of the highest obstacle, including trees or buildings, within 100 m of you.

Remember, however, that when you are flying, you are responsible for exercising extreme caution due to air traffic safety and peace and public order. Remember to fly only the equipment that is technically efficient. It is you as the operator who is responsible for the safe and lawful use of a drone or a flying model.

Detailed rules of performing flights can be found in the regulations, to which you will find
a link below. Each operator has a legal obligation to become familiar with the applicable regulations and apply them in practice.

Recreational or Sports Flights

Flights other than recreational or sports flights

Precise coordinates of zone locations are available on the website of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and in DroneRadar mobile application.

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